Training plan for goalkeepers

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soccertips888 NovDespite not running up and down the field as much as other players, goalkeepers require just as much or more conditioning as regular players. They are expected to make explosive movements with sudden changes of directions in a moment’s notice. They also require far more athletic ability than the average player. They need to be on top of their game and show excellent power, reflexes and body control. Here is a sample workout plan for a goalkeeper.

Strength and condition

Just like all other athletes, the goalie will need to spend a significant amount of time in the gym, in this case, the workout is five days a week. Here is the daily workout routine.

Monday: Landmine Thrusters, Kettlebell Swings, Chin-Ups, Landmine Rainbows—3 x 8 of each
Tuesday: Jump Squats, Side-to-Side Jumps, Standing Long Jumps, 30-Meter Dash— 5 x 5 of each
Wednesday: Single Leg Romanian Deadlift, Curtsy Lunges, TRX Rows, TRX Push-Ups, Russian Twists—3 x of each
Thursday: Medicine Ball Chest Passes, Medicine Ball Overhead Throws, Medicine Ball Rotational Throws, 30-Meter Dash—5 x 5 of each
Friday: Situation Reflex Drills

Saturday and Sunday are rest days. However, long walks and light aerobic work will help the body recover for the next week’s workouts. In addition, ice baths, contrast showers, electro-recovery methods will go a long way towards getting the body ready for the next workout. Keep in mind that this routine is for the off-season and a lower volume version should be utilized to maintain power and strength in-season.

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