Protect Yourself During A Soccer Match

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Having the proper equipment during a match in crucial in limiting the risk of injuries and muscles strains. If you are playing for a team or a school league you must already know that in order to participate in a game, you must been rightly equipped. The right equipment not only ensure safety but they also promote efficiency.

Shin Guards

The shin is a particularly sensitive part during a match as there are risks of getting kicked by another player or hit by the ball. A shin guard protects the lower leg and helps to avoid injuries. In order to be efficient, the guard would need to be a perfect fit to the player’s shin. There are two types of shin guards, one with ankle guard and the other without it.

Soccer Socks

To guarantee a maximum protection, soccer socks’ length should be enough to cover the shin guard completely and not feel too tight. Socks should not compress the feet but keep an elasticity. This would avoid any disruption in blood flow and might leaves agitating marks on the feet.


Goalies generally throw themselves at balls coming at a speed of 60 to 100 mph. They should therefore be equipped with protection gloves to protect their fingers for hyperextension. Having the right glove, such as reusch gloves, would help bring comfort and safety to the goalie.

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