How To Choose The Right Soccer Shoes


Written by Soccer Garage

Footwear is an important element in almost any sport, especially in soccer, as the player is required to run throughout the game. Having appropriate shoes not only brings comfort but they also boost the confidence of the player on the field. A rise in confidence has a positive impact of the performance of the player. Personal taste and the playing position would also affect the shoes preference of the player.


Numerous brands, such as Adidas soccer shoes, design their cleats to suit the field position of each player. For instance, shoes with a good ground traction would be required by a goalkeeper. Defensive player need extra protection and comfort in order to make efficient passes. Midfielders thrive in shoes that enable them to run for a sustained period of time. Wing players would be needing lightweight shoes in order to run fast enough. Forward players also tend to prefer lightweight shoes to facilitate strikes.


Women players have different needs compared to their male counterparts. Men have larger feet than women. Female soccer cleats are thus narrower to ensure a good fit in order to practise maximum control of the ball. However, some female players might be finding comfort in men’s shoes. It all depends on the player’s preferences.

Outdoor or Indoor

Indoor soccer or futsal players require a different kind of shoes than outdoor players. Futsal shoes have flat rubber outsoles. These are designed to provide a good traction in gyms and recreation centres. These indoor shoes look more like sneakers and fit lower than regular soccer cleats.

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