The Best Ways to Keep Your Soccer Cleats Fresh

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Here are some ways to make sure that you keep your cleats fresh, clean and get the most out of them.

Be Gentle

The best way to keep cleats clean is to clean it with a rag and some warm water. Don’t use products with soap, which will avoid clogging the breathable parts of the shows.


After washing cleats, you want to get rid of any moisture as quickly as possible. Once you wipe and dry the shoes as much as possible, stuff the insides with dry crushed newspaper. This will absorb any moisture left inside.

Don’t wait

The best time to clean your cleats is right after you use them. The longer you wait, the more likely it is that the dirt will sink and cause any damage to the surface. Gently clean the shoes right after practice or game.

Clean everything

A lot of the time, the upper can be totally clean except for those pesky areas where the stitching creates a dent for dirt to trap in.

Air it out

After a hard practice or match, we all know how bad these can smell. Don’t leave them in the bag. Instead leave them to air out so that the smell and bacteria can go out.

Remove them

As soon as you are off the field, remove your cleats. You should not be using them anywhere other than on the grass field. These shoes are designed to be used on such surfaces.

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