Three ways to prevent muscle injuries

soccertips888 DecThe onset of muscular injuries can be unpredictable. You can be going about your day and suddenly feel a sharp pain. Most often though is when doing a sport or when training. When you push your body to a certain point, the chances of getting an injury are higher. However, with a few precautions the likelihood of getting injured can be reduced.

Use a heart rate monitor

Using a heart rate monitor to check your heart rate variability is one way to know the current state of your body. When your body is still recovering, there will be a lower HRV score. While a well-rested and recovered athlete will have a higher HRV. Professional athletes use these to get maximum gains from their training.

Eccentric workouts

Most focus when strength training is during the concentric phase of the movement. However, in the real world, there are times when the eccentric motion is strained, causing the injury. Focusing on some eccentric movements, especially on the lower body will reduce the chance of injury. An example of an eccentric movement would be when lowering yourself during a chin-up or the lowering motion of squats.

Warm up

The problem with what a lot of people consider warming up is that it involves stretching. A proper warm will loosen your muscles and prepare you for training or a game. Too much stretching, on the other hand, can actually cause injury. Look for a proper warm-up routine that is specific to soccer and that addresses all the important areas.

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