The most important attributes for speed in soccer players

Speed is an important skill for soccer players. There are so many ways it is useful. Chasing after a player, closing a gap, striking, these are just a few of the instances where speed can make all the difference. However, speed does not always come naturally. Even the best players in the game work on their speed. You can also train like the professionals and make speed training a part of your regular training. Speed is not just about running fast. Here are some of the attributes of speed that will make you a faster and better soccer player:

Quick off the mark – This refers to how fast you are off the blocks. The faster you start moving the sooner you will get to your target.

Quick acceleration over 10 yards – This first stage of a sprint is the most crucial. Sometimes this is all the distance a soccer player will sprint.

Speed endurance – Another crucial factor is how long you can maintain running fast.

Speed during possession – This is how fast a player is when they have possession of the ball. This is as important as raw speed.

Quickness of feet, Quick changes of direction and Skill speed – These three attributes are almost never natural and require practice. There are drills for each that will show improvements in weeks.

Speed of thought – Soccer players make split second decisions all the time. One factor is fitness. Fitter players tend to make faster decisions than others.


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