How to get an edge on other soccer players

We all want to get ahead in our chosen fields and sports. One of the legends that people believe is that successful people have an advantage of some sort. According to these myths, the advantage is either genetic, physical, or talent. What most people don’t realize is that upon closer inspection, all our stars and idols are also people, with their flaws. The difference: they work harder than everyone else. Do you want an edge over other players? You need to work harder. In soccer, one way to create an advantage is to increase your physical fitness levels.

A fitter player can maintain his form and performance for longer. For example, three-quarters of the way through a game, everyone’s performance will start to drop slightly from fatigue. Now imagine that your fitness levels are such that you can maintain 100% throughout an entire game. That last quarter is when you will truly start to shine.

The same effect applies to practice. Tired players tend to lose focus during practice sessions, missing out on bits of key information from the coaches. A fitter player has the attention and awareness longer and is in a position to learn more.

Fit players, in addition, to maintaining a higher level of play for longer, will also get injured far less. Injury occurs when a player pushes past a limit. In some cases, those limits come from fatigue and a drop in energy levels. When you can manage an entire game without getting tired, you won’t stress your body as much.

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