Tips for buying soccer jerseys

Written by Soccer Garage

There are a lot of choices when it comes to buying a men’s or women’s soccer jersey. Narrow the search down with these tips:

Sizing – This is probably the most important part. For children make sure, there is a slightly looser fit to accommodate growth. If you are buying for a team, then get a list of everyone’s sizes and then buy a range. Also, for a team, make sure to buy a few spare to cover tears and other damage that can come from continuous use.

Quality – When it comes to quality, the brand it important. An Adidas soccer jersey will be of much higher quality than a no-name brand. The quality is important, especially if you want to use it for the entire season or longer. Cheaper jerseys are fine for practice and the odd pickup game.

Comfort – For playing during the summer, look for jerseys made from breathable wicking fabric. The player will feel cooler and more comfortable throughout the entire game as the fabric dries out the sweat faster.

Sleeves – The choice of the sleeve is only important if there is going to be any cold weather play. Standard summer time play will see normal short sleeve jerseys.

Women – For female players, make sure to get a proper women’s soccer jersey. Men’s soccer jerseys, when worn by women tend to look large and do not fit well.


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