Basic soccer gear for youth

Written by Soccer Garage

3Probably one of the primary reasons that soccer is the most popular sport in the entire world is that it is inexpensive. At the most basic level, when children play on the street, all they really need is a ball. Even when they move to playing competitively at school, the gear requirements are not high and is generally affordable. Here are the most basic needs to play youth soccer at school or for a team:

Soccer cleats – This is the most important of the equipment you will need. Soccer cleats, also known as football boots by the English, are just like baseball cleats, with the exception of the cleats being shorter and made of rubber. For most kids, until about the age of eight to nine, a standard athletic sneaker will do. Just remember that kids grow out of shoes extremely quickly, so keep an eye out for when the shoe gets too tight and change it. You will find that they outgrow those adidas soccer cleats quickly.

The rest – Other important equipment would be soccer socks, shin guards, a water bottle and a uniform. Usually the uniform will be provided by the school/team although it will have to be paid for. In addition, a lot of practice t-shirts and shorts will be needed, as they run through them pretty quickly.

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